Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 I) OVERVIEW of GRITT Education Campus:

Q : What is the difference between “Subject Package” and “Ask Tutor Pack” subscription ?
A : “Subject Package” allows you to access Form 4 or Form 5 Quizzes and Exercises anytime you want. All your results will be captured in “My Progress Tracker”. You will receive “Teacher’s Tips” on the areas that you need focus on more. You may RETAKE any quiz or exercise Set anytime you wish. Practice makes perfect. If you have a High Score, your profile will be featured in “Student Scorecard” on our Homepage. In addition, the top ranking students who work hard and consistent improve will be selected to be GRITT STAR Student of the month! Good stuff 🙂

“Ask Tutor” allows you to ask your specific questions to our panel of experienced tutors anytime. In Ask Tutor Forum you can also read all questions & answers that other students ask. Study smart.

Q : How do I get access to “Komuniti Pelajar” & “Webinar Library Videos”?
A : ALL our Valid Active Subscribers (Subject Package or Ask Tutor) will have FREE access to all our features including ”Komuniti Pelajar” & “Webinar Library Videos” anytime, anywhere. Enjoy 🙂

Q : The “Ask Tutor” Pack has EXPIRY dates. Do I get refund if I don’t finish my Ask Tutor questions?
A : We are afraid there will be No Refund after your expiry date. The “Ask Tutor” Pack will be valid for 1 month for 5 question pack & 2 months for 10 & 15 question pack, which is a long enough time period. You can view your expiry date in your Progress Tracker under My Subscription. Please utilize all your Ask Tutor questions before the expiry date. Thank you.

Q : For “Ask Tutor” Pack, can I compile all the questions and post it one time?
A : You should post each question SEPARATELY. Please do NOT compile non related multiple questions into one single post. If that occurred, it will be treated as multiple questions/posts. A related question with multiple parts is acceptable.

Q : For “Subject Package”, why can’t I access to ALL Subjects quizzes and exercise”?
A : You ONLY have access to the Subjects/Packages of your active valid subscription.

Q : OK, now I want to try the quiz, exercise, teacher’s notes & videos before I decide. What do I do?
A : You are most welcome to explore. Please check out our FREE Sample page for more details. Lots of good stuff to play.

Q : Do I need to be a paying subscriber to get the GRITT Teacher’s notes?
A : No, of course not! GRITT Teacher’s Notes is our gift for you. Just SIGNUP and use it for free. Anytime, anywhere.

II) Subscription Process 

Q : OK, I like GRITT and I want to subscribe and learn! How do I pay?
A : Pick the package you wish to subscribe. You can opt to pay with: PAYPAL, CREDIT CARD & Bank Wire Transfer (permindahan kawat bank)

Q : If I paid more than the subscription amount, do I get change of the balance?
A : Unfortunately, no. Please pay the EXACT amount of your subscription. Thank you.

Q : If I changed my mind after paying for Subscription, can I cancel and get a refund?
A : Unfortunately, we do NOT have a cancellation refund policy. Please take your time to decide and check your selection before payment.

Q : Can I change my Subscription (eg: change subjects, package, etc)?
A : No, you cannot change your subscription. Please take your time to decide carefully the subscription you want. You cannot change the subscription you had committed to but you can always add on additional subjects you want to study or include Ask Tutor pack.

Q : If I made payment with Bank Wire transfer, what is the process?
A : Kindly make your payment directly into our bank account. We will email you our bank account information directly. When making the bank transfer, please use your Order ID as the payment reference. After payment, please email your receipt (include your Order ID) to Please allow us 2~3 working days to confirm payment and activate your subscription account. You will be receiving a confirmation email from us accordingly. Thank you and Welcome to GRITT!

III) Access & Communication

Q : What kind of information does GRITT Education email/communicate to Subscribers?
A : Regular communication is very important. After Signing Up or Subscribed, you will receive various emails on Account Activation, Order Confirmation and User Guide. On monthly basis, we will email you your “Monthly Report Card” so that you can monitor your personal progress. We will also email you friendly reminders of your subscription expiry dates; a week or so in advance.

Q : How come I don’t receive the emails from GRITT Education?
A : If you are using Gmail or Outlook emails, you may want to check in the SPAM/JUNKMAIL folders as you might have a filter turned on. Move the email back into your active INBOX accordingly. Then you are ready to go!

Q : I could no longer access Komuniti Pelajar although my subscription is still valid. Why?
A : GRITT Education reserves the absolute right to remove any inappropriate (abusive, discriminative or foul) comment or user from Komuniti Pelajar at any given time. Mutual respect and being civilized is paramount in our platform. Thank you for your understanding.