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We are very excited to share with you our exciting learning portal & proven methods that has helped so many students excel in their studies & SPM. Please look forward to a nice joy ride!

I) Webinar Library Videos

GRITT Webinar Library showcases short videos of “How to Answer” SPM past year questions. We welcome you to experience our video samples. Each video is only about 2 minutes. As our subscribers, you have access to our library Anytime, Anywhere at your convenience. 🙂

Kami menjelaskan soalan soalan SPM yang sukar & memberikan “Tip Belajar” untuk sekalian. Semua video lebih kurang 2 mins jer! Boleh menonton dalam bus, mrt, before/after makan, atau main game, etc. Silakan!

II) Short Quizzes & Exercises

GRITT Quizzes (8 mins timer) & Subjective Exercises are designed to maximize students’ understanding & smart time management (tak stress!).  Quizzes & Exercises are available for every chapter, F4/F5 year end & SPM practice. Sign Up for FREE trial now. Are you ready to play???

Subscribers will get “My Progress Tracker” to analyze personal progress & “Friendly Tutor’s Advice” will pinpoint your weak areas to focus on.

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III) Wait! masih ada hadiah istimewa – TEACHER’s NOTES

With decades of educational experience, we have prepared for you – concise study guides for EVERY Chapter. With GRITT Teacher’s Notes, you can further add on more notes to create your own personalized study note. Teacher’s Notes are our humble gift to you. All FREE! 🙂

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Ulangkaji dengan “GRITT Teacher’s Note”. Anda pun boleh menambahkan kandungan yang sesuai untuk membuat “Nota Belajar Peribadi” yang lengkap sekali. Silakan! 🙂