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Selamat Datang ke GRITT Education Eco System!Quick User Guide

Ask Tutor Forum

ASK TUTOR is a forum for Subscribers to ask any question in any Subject (that is open & available) at anytime; accessible from desktops, tablets or mobile phones.

1)Select & Subscribe to Ask Tutor Question Pack

2)Access to Ask Tutor Forum & Select which Subject forum to ask your question

3)Post your question. You can type or snap an image and upload the question. So simple. That’s it! Our Tutor will reply shortly. 

4)You can also READ all the questions and answers posted by other students. We strongly recommend it as you can learn from them too!

5)Please USE up all your questions BEFORE the Expiry Dates. Please note that there is NO refund or carry over of unused questions after expiry. You can see your subscription expiry dates in “View My Subscription” or “My Progress Tracker”

6)Feel free to top up your Ask Tutor Question Pack subscription at anytime. 

Thank you for your being part of the GRITT Education family and student community. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

How to use My Progress Tracker?

When you LOGIN as Subscriber, you will see the summary of  what you have completed in “My Progress Tracker”. Monitor your Quiz, Exercise and/or Ask Tutor progress & keep improving. Aim high!

In ASK TUTOR Progress Summary you will see how many questions you had asked (and in what subjects), the number of questions still available and subscription expiry date.

For Quiz & Exercise, you may select any Set number in any Chapter. Click the TAKE NOW action button to start. You may also RETAKE any quizzes or exercises anytime you wish. Practice makes perfect! 🙂

For Exercise, after you have taken it, it will show the DATE COMPLETED. If you RETAKE, the dates will be updated accordingly.

For Quiz, likewise. it will show the DATE COMPLETED & will be updated every time you RETAKE any quiz. It will also show the number of Correct Answers you accomplished in the quiz and your Score for the particular quiz.

Please make use of ADVICE. Click Advice to know which questions you got incorrect answers & receive Friendly Advice from Tutor on which areas you should revise more going forward. Let’s keep improving every day!

The TOP 5 High SCORES will be ranked in GRITT Education Student Scorecard. The Top Score will be selected to be our STAR Student of the month. Congratulations! 🙂

Enjoy your time in GRITT Education Campus. We welcome you for being a part of the GRITT community. See your name as STAR Student soon! 🙂

Webinar Library Videos

Webinar Library is a collection of past year SPM videos. The videos present a step by step guidance on “how to answer” actual past year question. Each video addresses only ONE question at a time hence it is only 2 to 3 minutes per video. You can watch this anytime, anywhere with any device 🙂

1)Select if you want to know/watch SPM past year questions that come from Form 4 or Form 5. Then choose which Subject you want to explore.

3) SEARCH for what chapters and/or concepts you wish to watch and learn

4) INSPIRE category is a collection of interesting videos that are meaningful, inspirational and thought provoking. Hopefully they could ignite a spark in you to be the best version of yourself. Enjoy them at your own leisure 🙂

So do sit back, relax and enjoy watching our Webinar Library videos. Thank you for visiting GRITT Education Campus today!

Komuniti Pelajar

Komuniti Pelajar is a forum for students to communicate, share and help each other.

1)Select F4 or F5 Chapters discussions
Pilih forum bab-bab Tingkatan 4 atau 5

2)Select Subject discussions
Pilih forum Subjek

3)Select discussion to participate
Pilih forum yang anda ingin sertai

4)“WRITE or SNAP” to Upload/Post NEW Question.
Muat naik soalan baru anda

5)Read replies from fellow student friends
Baca jawapan dari para pelajar

Thank you for visiting GRITT Education Campus. Let’s make some friends along the way!