Welcome to GRITT Education Campus!

GRITT Education’s interactive learning platform & ecosystem is being built to maximize the learning experience. GRITT Education is founded on these key fundamental education & learning principles :

  • Learning can be fun, should be fun! (promotes consistent engagement)
  • Best way to learn & retain knowledge is to Problem Solve (do many, many questions!)
  • Learning is enhanced through Digestible Bite Sizes (promotes focus & attention)
  • Interactive Multimedia study forums & communities (relevant digital tools. 24×7 Anytime, Anywhere)

“Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare” Angela Duckworth

Resipi GRITT ialah proses pembelajaran seharusnya menarik, tidak terlalu panjang atau kuliah yang membosankan. Proses pembelajaran yang interaktif dan menggalakkan para pelajar untuk menanya soalan adalah kaedah yang paling optimum. Sistem GRITT yang paling berkesan ialah para pelajar mesti cuba menjawap banyak soalan soalan – sebanyak mungkin. Keupayaan untuk menjawap soalan membuktikan pemahaman! Kami di GRITT akan membantukan kemajuan & kejayaan anda. Mari kita bermula!

You have a dream. Life is a positive journey. Let us Begin!

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Jom! Let's Know More

GRITT educators come with decades of experience & extremely passionate about teaching & imparting knowledge to you. In addition, we are also very fortunate to gain valuable peer insights and counsel from of our very successful STUDENT ADVISERS.

Isaac Chung

Isaac is SPM Cohort 2017 with an outstanding full 10As. Isaac had competed and won PISTEK (Pertandingan Innovasi Sains, Teknologi and Kejuruteraan Peringkat Kebangsaan). Not once, twice but he won 3 times in a row…thus represented Malaysia in international competitions in USA. With his stellar achievements, Isaac has been offered the prestigious ASEAN Scholarship from the Singapore Government. Isaac is passionate about science & technology research & he is determined to make the world a better place. We look forward to great things from our beloved Isaac.

Emeer Hassan Sumardi

Emeer is a very diligent hardworking student with straight As in UPSR, PMR and 9A+, 1A in SPM. Emeer is now pursuing a degree in medicine & his mission in life is to help those who are in need. Emeer believes that in life, there will be some failures…but his advice to students is never to give up, have faith, and never stop believing in yourselves.


Zai is an avid reader with a passion for thriller/horror shows. Zai had 3A+ & 4 A’s in SPM and she is a recent Chemistry graduate who wants to change the world for the better. Zai has the mind, heart and tenacity to explore and discover new things which can hopefully benefit human kind and the environment. Zai is cool. Be like Zai.


The famous quote from Chloe “ There is chemistry between Chemistry and I ”. Chloe had 8 A+ & 2A’s in SPM and recently graduated Dean List in Chemistry degree. Chloe is passionate about making Chemistry fun and teaching it in a fun and exciting way. Chloe loves reading fiction novels (ahem… mystery, chick flick, romance.. all nice good girly stuff). Chloe is a bundle of joy.

George Sim

George is a man of science & technology. George has a spectacular 8As/1B in SPM & 3As/1B in STPM. His fabulous passion and love for Physics is truly amazing hence he has decided to pursue a degree in Engineering. In his studies, George appreciates good tutors who embrace the art of breaking down advance concepts into easy to understand portions in a fun environment. George adopts the mantra of study hard but don’t forget to play hard too.

Lance Lee

The Gamer (with a lot of cool tech gadgets)! Lance has a spectacular 9As in SPM & 3As/1B in STPM. Wow! Lance believes that the secret sauce is “don’t just read, do more exercises/quizzes”. Lance is an all-rounder achiever but he is super good at Additional Math. In addition to competing in online games internationally, Lance aims to get a Master’s Degree in Mathematics. We are rooting for Lance’s future success! Go Lance!

Mei Jun

MJ has a super positive cheerful personality hence always a joy to hang out with. Mei Jun believes that studying in a nurturing positive environment with a community of friends is conducive to learning. It is no surprise that MJ is a people person and she aims to practice Human Resource in the near future to help people to be the best versions of themselves.

Michelle Gian

Michelle has a kind soft personality but she has strong grit in her studies. She scored 9 A+ in SPM, one of the highest distinctions in the country. Michelle was offered full scholarship to do her PhD in 2018. Michelle’s ambition is to be an outstanding Researcher. Perhaps one day, Michelle will change the world for the better.

George Chong

Our technology wizard & mathematics guru. George has a natural talent for IT and superbly good at it! George has a strong work ethics & time management skills. During the school holidays, George takes up part time jobs in restaurants, tutoring centres etc. George believes is an optimal formula of good rest, play and always study smart.

Everyone has a STORY. You are the author of your own life story.

What is Your Life Story that you aspire to write?

You have a dream. Life is a journey. Let’s begin!


“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude”   Oprah Winfrey