Social Mission

Sharing is Caring. Caring is Sharing.

“ONE person can make a difference, and EVERYONE should try”  John F Kennedy

Our team at GRITT Education deeply aspire to contribute our time, effort and resources to worthy meaningful social missions around us. What speaks to our hearts are social causes which care sincerely for the welfare and well being of animals, children and sustainability. We hope to engage positively to become a vehicle to increase awareness and contribute passionately in ways feasible to make a small difference.

Works are underway to develop suitable social programs & we shall be announcing them as soon as they are ready. The GRITT team is absolutely thrilled! We may not be able to save the world … but we want to do our part and give our best shot to make the world just a little better. Of course, we welcome any friends who desire to join us in this meaningful journey. Speak soon!

“Don’t aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference..” Denzel Washington